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Announcement on the Appointment of the Chief Executive Officer of Penang Halal International

Puan Aida Lim Abdullah
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Penang Halal International

The Penang State Government’s on-going effort in developing the halal industry in Penang, has led to the setting up of PIHH Development Sdn. Bhd., also known as Penang Halal International. To strengthen its position and drive the halal industry in Penang to the next level, Penang Halal International is pleased to announce the appointment of Puan Aida Lim Abdullah as its’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 6th May 2020.

Puan Aida Lim Abdullah is a Chartered Accountant, with an extensive background in regulatory, legal, business sustainability and governance. She has more than 25 years of working experience in a variety of industries, including capital market regulator, financial market, audit, banking, corporate finance, business development, halal and shariah compliance, digital technology, F&B sector, retail and manufacturing.

We welcome her onboard and look forward to her leadership to further develop the halal business ecosystem for Penang state.

Chairman Penang Halal International